XPS Project Pack

XPS Project Pack

MTG Terrain
XPS Foam Project Pack

XPS Foam project pack for wargaming and other craft builds.

This large project pack provides a variety of pre-cut XPS beams for use once detailed and painted as timber/wood, metal, stone or concrete construction materials. This pack can be supplied plain or with timber or stone detailing/weathering as shown on the example pieces.

The pack includes the following beams, all of which are 300mm in length*-

a) 20mm x 10mm x 300mm    - 5 pieces

b) 20mm x 0.5mm x 300mm  - 3 pieces

c) 10mm x 5mm x 300mm      - 20 pieces

d) 5mm x 5mm x 300mm        - 20 pieces

e) 50mm x 5mm x 300mm      - 4 pieces

Timber texture is a random process so each beam will be unique, with the ability for further weathering to be added by the crafter. 

Concrete texture can be added using a ball of tin foil; timber by using a wire brush; and damage/weathering using a small craft knife. A brick or stone pattern can be added using a pen or pencil.

This pack is great for building scale model houses, damaged buildings, dungeons, fences and other terrain. Beam can be cut to size using a craft knife.

Gluing the beams is straight forward, you can use PVA, Mod Podge, UHU or hot glue. Superglue should be avoided as this glue can melt the XPS.

Once your project is finished the next step for best results is to seal with a mixture of craft acrylic paint and Mod Podge. This will seal the foam, strengthen and provide an undercoat before painting.

*each beam is hand cut to  approximate sizes, some small differences maybe occur due to the cutting process.

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