Bucket of Bricks

Bucket of Bricks

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XPS Bricks

Don't run out of bricks part way through a project, get the Bucket of Bricks (3 litres), the Mega Bucket of Bricks (5 litres) or the even bigger 10 litre bucket.

These scale XPS foam bricks are perfect for creating wargaming terrain, including buildings, ruins and walls.

The bricks come in the following quantities*,  3 litre 'Bucket of Bricks' a 5 litre 'Mega Bucket of Bricks' and a 10 litre 'Gargant Bucket of Bricks'. 

The bucket Net weights and quantity of bricks in each bucket varies depending on finish and size of brick. The smaller the brick the more quantity of bricks that can fit into a bucket. Similarly, weathered/textured bricks tessellate better so a greater quantity can fit into a bucket.

The bricks come in the following sizes -

  • 10mm x 5mm x 5mm
  • 12mm x 6mm x 6mm
  • 15mm x 5mm x 5mm
  • 20mm x 10mm x 10mm (Gargant Bucket (10 litre) only)

Mixed bucket of all the above sizes plus 20mm x 10mm x 10mm bricks.

The bricks can be supplied weathered or unweathered and also in a mixed size bucket for variety in your builds.

Brick sizes are approximate and there will be slight variations. The weathered bricks will typically be 0.5mm to 1mm smaller across all dimensions.

Colour and density of the bricks may very from time to time depending on XPS foam stock availability.

The bricks can be glued together with PVA, Mod Podge or hot glue. Sealing is easy with a mixture of mod podge and craft acrylic paint.

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