About MTG Terrain

Wargaming Terrain & Scenery

Handmade tabletop wargaming terrain and scenery for fantasy, historical, DnD and sci-fi as well as terrain crafting items for the enthusiast. I started creating terrain in 2020 for gaming during lock down as an extension to the hobby. Now I produce a variety of unique terrain pieces and whole table sets, as well as scatter and bare terrain for other crafters to use in their own terrain builds. 

Contact MTG Terrain for commission builds or anything bespoke.

3D Printed Miniatures

MTG Terrain holds commercial licenses for a many high quality 3d Sculpers such as Highland Miniatures, Hardcore Miniatures and Admiral Apoc.

The range is expanding with more mimaitures, bases and scatter terrain added each month. Be sure to keep upto date with the new ranges by making regular visits to mtgterrain.co.uk.

Hills & Bunkers

My other hobby is hill walking and as such I find that making hills for wargaming as satisfiying as making it to the top of a Munro.

You will often find hills for different genres available in the store for sale. If you woudl like something specific make contact and we can get the crafting started.