XPS Craft & Hobby Foam

XPS Craft & Hobby Foam

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XPS Foam

XPS Craft Foam for hobby crafts, wargaming scenery and terrain building

Available in the following sizes ideally suited to cutting and scoring.

400mm x 300mm x 6mm - 3 pieces  (Grey/Charcoal XPS)

400mm x 300mm x 10mm - 2 pieces  (Grey/Charcoal XPS)

400mm x 300mm x 20mm - 1 piece  (Grey/Charcoal XPS)

400mm x 300mm x 30mm - 1 piece  (Grey/Charcoal XPS)

400mm x 300mm x 50mm - 1 piece  (Grey/Charcoal XPS)

Discounted Mixed Box of 8 pieces , all 400mm x 300mm in the following quantities -

- 3 x 6mm

- 2 x 10mm

- 1 x 20mm

- 1 x 30mm

- 1 x 50mm

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Colour and density may vary depending on XPS foam stock availability.

Can be glued together with PVA, mod podge, or hot glue. Sealing is easy with a mixture of mod podge and craft acrylic paint.

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