Slice & Slot Starter Packs

Slice & Slot Starter Packs

From £19.95
Slice & Slot
XPS Foam

Slice & Slot Terrain building architecture for wargaming and dioramas

3D Printed building architecture for use with XPS Foam terrain builds and scenery.

Designed by Slice & Slot and brought to you by MTG Terrain these sets make crafting XPS foam buildings for fantasy and historical 28mm wargames that much easier.

Design you own buildings with these Slice & Slot starter sets. Each pack contain the MDF Jig and a selection of windows, doors and arches.

  • Small Starter Packs - MDF Jig and a selection of 5 architecture pieces
  • Medium Starter Packs - MDF Jig and a selection of 8 architecture pieces
  • Large Starter Packs - MDF Jig and a selection of 14 architecture pieces

Additional 10mm XPS Foam is available here MTG Terrain shop

'Slice & Slot - a new way to build fantasy terrain. Slice & Slot takes highly detailed 3D resin printed archways, windows and other detailed elements and combines it with the creative freedom of XPS foam. The system uses bespoke cutting jigs to speed up the process, ensuring that when you slice your foam all you have to do is slot in the 3D print.'

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