MDF Jig for Slice & Slot

MDF Jig for Slice & Slot

From £14.95

MDF Jig for creating Slice & Slot Windows Doors Arches using Hot Wire Cutter or Craft Knife for XPS Foam Terrain & Scenery

Jig to be used with the Slice & Slot 3D Printed building architecture on XPS Foam terrain builds and scenery.

Designed by Slice & Slot and brought to you by MTG Terrain these sets make crafting XPS foam buildings for fantasy and historical 28mm wargames that much easier.

  • Jig Only - MDF jig sheets for making the jigs required to insert the 3d printed windows and doors, create the brick/stone patterns in walls
  • Jigs and XPS Foam - Jig set and 10 sheets of 300mm x 200mm x 10mm XPS foam

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