Templar Shields

Templar Shields

From £5.95
Admiral Apocalypse
Crusader Armies

Templar Crusader Shields

Suitable for many popular war gaming games, add a bit of flair to your army.

Now supplied in variety of diameters for use with multiple games and scales.

12mm dia. - Historical and LoTR miniatures 

15mm dia. - Larger LoTR and other fantasy miniatures

18mm dia. - 25mm based GW miniatures and similar scaled miniatures

20mm dia. - 32mm based GW miniatures and similar heroic 28mm scale

  • Designed for 28mm & heroic 32mm war gaming armies
  • Unique sculpt by Admiral Apocolypse
  • Supplied ready to use
  • Models may require some preparation prior to painting
  • 3d printed to order under license

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