Terrain Crate - Military Campsite

Terrain Crate - Military Campsite

Terrain Crate

Bring your tabletop to life with the Military Campsite set. This set includes 26 pieces of scenery to customise your fantasy battlefields. the Miliary Campsite contains tents, bedrolls and a campfire. Everything your troops need to stay warm at night.

• This makes a perfect addition to D&D campaigns or adventures if you want to spice up the scenery a little bit!
• The pieces are cast in high quality Plastic and will need to be assembled and painted.
• Comes with a brilliant 26pcs – tents, campfires, bedrolls and more!

• 2 x Woodchopping Stations
• 2 x Cooking Fire Sets
• 2 x Supply Dumps
• 2 x Large Tents
• 2 x Small Tents
• 4 x Bedrolls

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