Terrain Crate - Game Masters Dungeon Starter Set

Terrain Crate - Game Masters Dungeon Starter Set

Terrain Crate

Designed to suit any table-top RPG, this great set includes loads of terrain to fill out your dungeon, 4 heroes to delve into its depths, loads of varied minions – from orcs to undead – for them to face, and a final boss in the form of a towering Dragon!

• This makes a perfect addition to D&D campaigns or adventures if you want to spice up the scenery a little bit!
• The pieces are cast in high quality Plastic and will need to be assembled and painted.
• Comes with a whopping 102pcs – a dragon, heroes, 69pcs of terrain and more!

• 69 x PVC Terrain Pieces
• 9 x Undead Miniatures
• 9 x Orc Miniatures
• 10 x Plastic Doors
• 1 x PVC Dragon
• 4 x Heroes

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