Steppe Goblin Bolt Thrower

Steppe Goblin Bolt Thrower

Highland Miniatures
Steppe Goblins

Steppe Goblin Both Thower for Orc & Goblin Armies

Goblin Both Thrower with crew from Highland Miniatures Steppe Goblin Army Collection

Available as a single Goblin Bolt Thrower and 3 Crew.

Miniatures are printed using Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like to create a very high quality set of miniatures. Supplied ready to base but some modelling maybe required.

Miniatures are printed to order and are dispatched within 10 days, but may take longer at busy times. Please allow up to 15 working days for dispatch.

  • Designed for 28mm & heroic 32mm war gaming armies
  • Unique sculpt by Highland Miniatures
  • Supplied with 25mm (Crew)
    and 50mm x 50mm (War machine) MDF bases
  • Models may require some preparation prior to painting
  • 3d printed to order under license

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