Retro Space Orcs

Retro Space Orcs

Hardcore Miniatures
Space Orcs

New from Hardcore Miniatures is this set of modular retro Space Orc boyz compatible with many sci-fi genre wall games.

Modular set of retro orc boyz on the base of the latest "Hardcore Modular Orcs System" (HMOS).

In each set you will find 72 modular designs including 11 heads, 15 legs, 13 arms, 10 hands, 6 arms with weapons, 12 torsos, 4 shoulder pads.

HMOS is a new modular system that will be enriched with enourmos number of details compatible with each other.

32mm heroic scaled miniatures suitable for Orc armies to crush dem humies good.

  • Unique sculpt by Hardcore Miniatures
  • Supplied without bases, see base options in the store
  • Models may require some preparation prior to painting
  • 3d printed to order under license

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