Jungle Themed Basing Bits

Jungle Themed Basing Bits

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Basing Bits
Admiral Apocalypse

Jungle themed basing & scatter terrain pieces for scenery crafting

Mixed sets including a range of plants, small animals, and terrain/basing pieces.

Available in the following sets -

Plants - pack of 16 Monstera and 16 Ferns

Animals - 2 of each animal (Water Monitor, Chameleon, Tarsier, Pangolin and Hornbill)

Terrain - 4 x waterlily, 2 x waterfalls, 4 x ruin bits, 4 x columns, 4 x totems, 4 x trees

Complete Set - everything from the Plants, Animals and Terrain sets

Scale: Suitable for 28mm/32mm wargaming

Material: Resin (colour may vary)

Manufacturer: MTG Terrain

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