(Probably) The best STLs for Fantasy Wargaming

(Probably) The best STLs for Fantasy Wargaming

Highlands Miniatures produce in the opinion of MTG Terrain some of the best fantasy miniatures available. The designs and range, which is still growing, provide a perfect alternative to some of the more mainstream commerical offerings from the likes of Games Workshop and Mantic Games.

Whether you own a resin 3D printer or purchase from commercial license holders such as MTG Terrain, the end product is amazing. For the commerical printer, the pre-sliced miniatures are a massive boon, reducing prep time and producing great miniatures time after time.

Here at MTG Terrain we print using Siraya Tech Fast as recommended by Highlands Miniatures. This resin is a perfect partner for these sculpts and ensures flawless prints 99% of the time. There are still print failures, but these are minimised by the combination of pre-supported miniatures and Siraya Tech resins.

If you are looking for alternative or proxy miniatures for your fantasy armies, the Highlands Miniatures range is in the MTG Terrain Store now. 

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